Hernia Repair in San Diego

Hernia Repair

If you need hernia repair in San Diego look no further than SD Hernia.  We are proficient in repairing 4 of the most common types of hernias using minimally invasive techniques.

Other Procedures

In addition to hernias, we can perform many other types of procedures including appendectomies, bowel resections, thyroidectomies, and skin cancer excisions.


See what some of Dr. Shawn Bench’s patients have to say about his attention to detail, mannerisms, and proficiency.

Our Hernia Repair Procedures Use
The Latest, Minimally Invasive Techniques

A Leader In Hernia Repair

Our mission is to provide the best possible hernia care in San Diego

Dr. Shawn Bench is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of all major hernia types.  A board certified surgeon in practice since 2011, Dr. Bench has performed thousands of hernia repair procedures using robotic, laparoscopic, and open incision methods.  SD Hernia’s goal is to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of your hernia.  We understand that any type of surgery can be an anxiety filled experience – which is why our friendly, professional staff will guide you through every step of the process.

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